Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review

Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review

Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss! #crueltyfree #parabenfree

Welcome my first ever, VLOG (not blog) review, featuring a “Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review”! If y’all follow my Twitter (@whippedgreengirl). You know, I’m obsessed with buying Canadian, organic, skincare. Specifically, brands I’ve never tried but want to support!

(P.S: I personally paid for & honestly want to preach on this lovely gloss!)


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Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss! #crueltyfree #parabenfree

Videos aren’t your thing? No problem, keep reading on to get the written skinny on my Bloomiss Bloming Gloss Review!



P.S. Trust me, that spelling will help find their dot com… a skincare company based-out of Burlington, ON. Via their online store. You can buy all kinds of natural and organic skincare, including:

& more…!

Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss! #crueltyfree #parabenfree



Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss! #crueltyfree #parabenfree

WHERE to Buy? WHAT’s Inside?

Personally, I purchased my Bloomiss Blooming Gloss on for $15Cnd. You can also pick-up a tube direct on for $15.50Cnd.

PICK from 6 different shades, including:

  • PRIMROSE (shade I bought…)
  • Raspberry Shine
  • Obsession
  • Coral Shine
  • Clear Glaze
  • Porsche Red

Every gloss is 100% natural, PARABEN-FREE & CRUELTY-FREE!

First ingredients listed- to help give you an idea of what’s in it, include: castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin-E, beeswax and more… Nothing nasty, only good stuff for your skin and health!

Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss! #crueltyfree #parabenfree


I’ve had so many MISSES/MESSES when it comes to natural glosses! Mainly, they’re too slippery, sliding-off my lips or into my mouth. Or, they lack pigment or can’t last longer than a few lips smacks… One natural brand I bought tasted so nasty, I couldn’t even wear it…

NOT THIS ONE! For a natural gloss, this one is THICK! YES, probably the castor oil in it… Before I was on my “green beauty mission” I used NARS Lipgloss. Seriously, that stuff is like Aylmer’s glue on your lips.

Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss - #crueltyfree #parabenfree


It has no taste – maybe a faint bit of vanilla/cinnamon. Happy it doesn’t taste like “yuck” essentially! FINALLY, best part is that it SPARKLES! Shimmer, shimmer, shine – bright, sparkly, pretty!

Sure, Blooming Gloss doesn’t stick to your lips like tar. But, it’s got some serious lasting powers – hence, why I love it! I can smack my lips around and it’s still there!



Bloomiss Blooming Gloss - PrimroseEven though, I bought, and love the PRIMROSE shade. Can’t wait to buy and try their other colors too. I’ll be needing them, since this will be my main lip glosses from now on! Please check-out this awesome, hard-slogging brand: Their catalogue has dabbles of skin treats for everyone!

Beyond appreciate your read or YouTube view! Thanks for giving my Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review your time xo

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Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss! #crueltyfree #parabenfree


Bloomiss Blooming Gloss Review (by My favorite #allnatural #lipgloss! #crueltyfree #parabenfree

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