Black Rabbit Dolato Review

It’s a great time to be living, when you can now score same day delivery ganga- introducing Black Rabbit Dolato Review! Toronto you are some lucky folks- beyond Drake and the Blue Jays you also have some sweet bud!

First, no I wasn’t paid for this review. I don’t do affiliates either. Really, I just take deep pride in the fact I can spot and smell the best of buds even before they hit my bong. So, Black Rabbit – what you got for me to burn?!

Black Rabbit Dolato Review

Bring on that Rabbit Weed..

Black Rabbit sent me a sweet GLASS JAR with 7 grams of their DOLATO strain. Instantly I was like whoa- this stuff looks premium. Sure the jar says it… But we all know labels mean squawk. The buds were big, dense, & fluffy with crystals. This is the kind of stuff you instantly are like “damn- I wanna burn this now”…

Expect sweet, citrus smooth hits. Followed-up with a punch of that chilling indica super high.

Taking this quote from their website... “Imagine the love child of two of your favorite strains. Now stop imagining because it’s real. This hybrid strain combines the best of Gelato and Dosido and delivers max chill for those days when you want to take it slow.”
Black Rabbit Dolato Review

Roll it in a Red Carpet!

Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting anything special, or bad from them… But I was freaking surprised this stuff was so top-shelf. Dosido is one of my fav strains to begin with. So a love child flower coming from it- clearly I’m all about it. I would 100% order this stuff again. Yes, I’d preach you do the same.

High-quality flower that looks and smells as good as it feels. Not only are they selling sweet green, you can get it delivered same-day in these Canadian cities:

SHOP SAME DAY WEED DELIVERY for a slew of Canadian cities including these & MORE:

  • Mississauga & Halton Region
  • Toronto
  • North York & York Region
  • Durham Region
  • Calgary

Conclusion – Black Rabbit Dolato Review

Considering I got this in time for Easter. It was the best eat a sh*t load of chocolate, crash on the couch, and forget you’re an adult for a few hours. I would keep testing this stuff over and over, everyday please! It looks like a burst of keif barfed all over every, perfectly trimmed nug. It’s top-shelf and I seriously want more.

Here’s a quote from their site & more deets:

“Same-Day Weed Delivery Service in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Malton, Milton, and more. Top quality marijuana products and cannabis-infused edibles, vapes, concentrates, hash and accessories delivered to a city near you!”

It’s a good freaking time to be living when you can call out for this and get it hours later. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Jeff Bezos… Check it all out at GETBLACKRABBIT.NET

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