Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020

Been a few years, but here’s my newest “Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020” list. NO affiliates – just what I’ve tried, tested and truly worked.

My skin put a lot of time into buying and trying these winning gems. From wins to fails, these are my hot products I keep restocking and slathering… Sweet ol’ Canadian skincare has come a long way. From crazy kitchen blending to now working out of warehouses. These are the brands I think will keep creating steam in 2020.

Thank you entrepreneurs, mom’s & dad’s, and skincare obsessed fans. Clearly, we all in this together. Support local now more than ever! Fuel communities for years to come!

Finally, let’s see who is making my hot list this year… Counting down from number #1!

1. Bee Savvy Honey (@BeeSavvyHoney)

Not only do Bee Savvy make honey, but skincare from it too too! Stock-up on their lotion bars. It’s fixed every freaking skin affliction I’ve brunted for several years. I buy these sticks every year, at a local Etsy Fair (Covid’s gonna put a cork in that this year…) See their new gift boxes, their lotions, their flavored honey. Can’t preach them enough. I’m obsessed with watching them grow. Everything they release is amazing!

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!
Picture taken from @BeeSavvyHoney Instagram

2. Iremia (@IremiaSkincare)

Winners of this year @CertClean Beauty Awards (yes, I’m also a proud judge!) Iremia hails from Toronto, ON. Owned by a woman who struggled with fuzzy skin for years. She started blending lotions to fix it. In return now, she’s also fixing our skin! Simple, potted, rich lotions, that look like whipped buttery dreams (yum!) Created for anyone with sensitive skin. Their Soothing Lotion and Protective Cream are the reason I vote them as a top Canadian skincare choice!

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

3. Burst Botanical’s (@BurstBotanicals)

Pure ingredients that works but also blush with beauty. That’s Burst Botanicals in a nutshell. Glass jars of vibrant blends that smell like sweet childhood memories. Their CRÈME SCRUB is one of my fav products of 2020. A soft exfoliate mixed with elderberry and beets to get your skin breathing. Also, Eclipse Facial Balm and all its blue beauty is another skin win! Been preaching this stuff to all my friends. Blends worthy of gossip lol!

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

4. HerbalEra (@HerbalEra)

Crossed paths with this lovely brand at a local fair. Bought a lipbalm and tested their Cypress & Lemongrass Hand Care Balm. When I got home, I didn’t understand why I had a super soft spot on my hand lol. WOW, it was the test patch. Instantly, my husband kindly ordered one. Also was fighting a split in my lip from the change in Canadian season’s. Nothing worked to fix it. Until I tried HerbalEra’s Raspberry LipBalm. Literally sealed my lips back to uncracked, happy puckers. These blends work. Plus, the packaging is a step-up eco-friendly.    

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

5. Maison Jacynthe (@MaisonJacynthe)

I know, I’m always preaching Maison Jacynthe! But there’s a reason. Be it, their skincare or makeup. The stuff is amazing! Never fails and worth the price tag. I have been using their makeup for almost a decade now. It’s the only foundation + compact powder + bronzers I need. If you saw my purchase account, it’s bad lol. Too bad they don’t get the exposure they deserve. Cause from Fit Glow, PurAnada to Ilia, I prefer Maison Jacynthe every time…   

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

6. Huna Skin (@HunaSkin)

Not only am I a user of Huna Skin blends for almost a decade. I’m also a proud Ambassador! Happened organically, cause I swear by their stuff and they know it lol. NO I AM NOT PAID. I don’t believe in hawking $$$ from skincare companies in return for praise. I’d rather find what works and preach it! Based out of a University (yes!) Huna use superfoods, flowers from their own gardens, and rich oils/butters to boost your skin to new levels. Lines designed for specific skin types. Not one Huna product I’d not recommend. Their serums keep me looking like a kid, literally lol! (Use WhippedGreenGirlAngie and save 20% OFF!)

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

7. La Spa Naturals (@LaSpaNaturals)

Creators of the 1st ever at-home glycolic peel treatment. After one 3-day treatment WOW! Instant skin satisfaction. It left my face feeling new levels of soft, moisturized, and evened out. They also make a top shelf SPF that’s worth a peek! Cutting edge, clean and instant results are the reason La Spa come in strong on this year’s list. Bonus, it’s 100% natural, organic & @ecocert certified. Clearly, La Spa Naturals are skilled creators charging the way in Canadian skincare.

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

8. Undercarriage Deodorants (@undercarriagedeodorant)

Deo’s that do 4 things! Use this creamy stuff on your pits, under your boobs, thighs and feet too! So rad, love the entire potted concept. Little jars of stink fight, scented using the best essential oil combo’s. Stinky pits beware, from VEGAN to baking soda freeFind a B.O blaster for everyone in the family. ($24 to $28 per jar – 1 jar lasts me 6 months…)

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

9. Pure Heart Essentials (@Pure_Heart_Essentials)

The only shop you need to enter a journey into clean skincare. Plus, it’s super affordable. Truly everything this woman blends works! From shampoo bars, soap bars, serums and balmsI swear by her simple, lovingly made skin food. I recently broke out in a huge face rash. It was Pure Heart Essential’s face lotion + face serum combo that solely calmed my itching face. What a savior – check em’ out! Their soaps and shaving bars are in all my showers lol.

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

10. Lowen’s (@LowensSkincare)

I’ve worked with this family owned company and first-hand witnessed how much they do! Not only to make clean skincare but to support local, buy local and give back to their community. was started by a dad & pharmacist (pretty cool…) He wanted a healthy bum balm for his little babes, Lowen. Leading him to make an entire line of skincare. Almost a decade later, they are still steaming along with Lowen herself packing the orders. Try their BUBBLE PASTE please! It’s a staple in my house. Only bubble bath I’ll use on my kid.

Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020 - by Bringing you the best in #canadiangreenbeauty this year!

CONCLUSION –“Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020”

Thanks for gracing, speed-reading, fawning my “Best Canadian Natural Skincare 2020.” Please keep supporting this country’s best trailblazing companies. These creators are the bloodline to our economy. They are the reason we live in happy, healthy communities.

Hope you liked my list. Tried my best to evenly sprinkle in skincare gems for every body bit. High-end, affordable, functional, and yes- always 100% natural. Proud to see who else I’ll discover this year.

A big honorable mention, most likely to make my 2021 list:

Thanks again eh- oh Canada, you never fail me (see my previous list HERE!) Bye for now! Angie @WhippedGreenGirl

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  1. Mercy says:

    Sooo many Canadian lovelies! I spy some Maison Jacynthe! I still used the big bronzer I chose from that haul a few years back, it wasn’t the best shade for me back then but I’m getting so much use out of it. So glad you introduced me to them girl and I agree they def don’t get the exposure they deserve!

  2. You are flying Canadian flag so well! Love learning new brands & products from You.