I almost got stuck in a donation bin!

Not intended for wallets!

Not intended for wallets!

Yes, I can’t say it enough people, its worth the story and laugh, I almost got stuck in a donation bin… Here’s my tale

It’s always a good feeling when you clean-out your closet and get rid of all those pieces of clothes you bought with such big aspiration only to have them wilt away on a shelf. My motto, for every new item I buy, I try to donate another…

I load-up my bags ready for donation and drive down to the gigantic bin. I got the bags in my hand, with my wallet strapped around my wrist and I just start chucking bags in.


My wallet, not up for donationThen I feel it- oh jebus no- my wallet strap got hooked on a bag and before I knew it my wallet was gonzo- whoosh down the hole. I hear the awful thud of it hit and I know I’m totally screwed. To boot, my cell phone is conveniently located in my wallet too- genius now what…?

I know I’ve got to get in that bin- and to give you a mental picture I’m like five-foot nothing and the bin is built in a way to keep people out, I’m trying every ninja move I can think of to get in that blasted hole but I’ve got no grip and the opening is too far-up.

I’m in the yoga, hippie loving part of the city, the only Lululemon in town is located on this corner and everyone walking looks in full gym mode so I start to scan people. I spot them, she’s buff and her man is too. I don’t know how the hell I had the balls to ask but I did…

I tell them “I’m really sorry to bother you but I dropped my wallet in here, can you please give me a little boost so I can grab it?”

They look at each other confused as if the man should help me but its kind of weird cause I’m a girl and she’s his girl… So just like that- she’s walks-up with her guns and like a leaf boosts me up into the daunted hole.

Nooooooooooooooooo! The facking bin is empty. My wallet is minimum 6 feet down from where I am. If I were to drop my body in the bin, there’s no way out, cause the hole is high-up and angled in a way to keep arseholes like me out. She’s still holding me up when I tell her “Um sorry but can you hold on to my ankles and lower me in?” I’m not joking…

This Hercules of a woman does it!!! I’m pissing myself laughing through all of this sweating and in full panic. I can’t believe what she’s doing but she had the strength to lower my whole 100lbs body to the bottom slowly and precisely. Success! I snatch my damned golden wallet and she pulls me right out.

I want to kiss her, I want to praise her, I want to give her all the money in my wallet! Who is she?! She laughs and says it was no problem and she was just happy to help.

I’ll never forget that lady. She restored my faith in humanity. So whoever you were, you’re epic, awesome and amazing- thank you!

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  1. HP says:

    Faith in humanity restored!