All-Natural Makeup Primer

All-Natural Makeup PrimerAll-Natural Makeup Primer Recipe (by #DIYSkincare #DIY #Makeup #Primer #Recipe


Welcome my latest skin obsession – an all-natural makeup primer! Using only a few ingredients – you’ll get makeup to stay, feed your skin good stuff, and save buckets of money! Truly, makeup primer is now a beauty staple! Just like painting walls, you need a good primer such as one with jojoba oil in it first – if you want that perfect finish. I like sourcing natural products when it comes to anything I apply to my skin as I’m not huge on putting chemicals on my body; I tend to lean more towards things similar to private label skin care products for skincare and cosmetics.

Applying makeup primer, gives your skin a flawless, sticky-base of moisture for makeup. A good, all-natural makeup primer gives your face lasting hydration – but also allows your makeup to easily glide-on, stick, and stay there.

I’m the biggest fan of organic primer’s but sometimes the $100+ price tags, make it – not an option. So, I’ve come-up with this amazing combination of ingredients to create the best, all-natural makeup primer recipe that will help, hold and seal your makeup, and face, for the day.


You’ll need only a few things:

Optional: add a few drops of vitamin-E oil & essential oils for scent- patchouli, geranium, lavender work great… (Make sure to use an amber dropper bottle to protect essential oils from sunlight damage…)

All-Natural Makeup Primer Recipe (by #DIYSkincare #DIY #Makeup #Primer #Recipe

(or the easy way: fill ΒΌ of a whatever size dropped you have with castor oil & then top-off the rest with jojoba oil…)


  • Shake-up apply max 5 drops to your face, spread around evenly- next apply your makeup as usual…

(Expiry: use product within 6 months of blending for best results…)

Castor carrier oil is thick, it’s the “piece-de-resistance” that will lock-on your makeup. If castor oil is used undiluted, it’ll be way too gooey to spread on your face. That’s the reason for the jojoba oil, it makes this primer spreadable.

CASTOR OIL BENEFITS: This oil gets deep into your skin to make it “baby face” soft! It hydrates and gets collagen/elastin production kicked into high gear. For wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging – castor oil is known to kick butt!

All-Natural Makeup Primer Recipe (by #DIYSkincare #DIY #Makeup #Pimer #Recipe

JOJOBA OIL BENEFITS: One of the closest oils to your skins natural oil (sebum…) Used alone as a face serum, or a face cleanser this oils benefits are no secret, jojoba oil just works. It goes on thin and cleanses naturally. Great on all skin types, even acne prone skin. Annoyed skin or not jojoba oil will improve and protect your sweet cheeks.

All-Natural Makeup Primer Recipe (by #DIYSkincare #DIY #Makeup #Pimer #Recipe


Thanks for reading my latest skin mix, this “All-Natural Makeup Primer” recipe! Sincerely, been using this on my skin for over a decade. My sole source to keep makeup in place. Truly, it’s the anti-aging benefits I’ve been reaping-in from it, I should be most happy about lol! But also the $$$ saving factor!

Finally, have fun! Add in essential oils if you want to get fancy. Change-up the carrier oils, if your skin prefers eating something else! Have fun, that’s what DIY Skincare is all about.

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All-Natural Makeup Primer Recipe


All-Natural Makeup Primer Recipe (by #DIYSkincare #DIY #Makeup #Pimer #Recipe

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