Air Plants- Great Decorations & Easy to Care For!

Air Plants

I displayed my air plants in a skull glass bowl

Latest favorite thing! AIR PLANTS!

Air plants are the latest thing I’m preaching to all at WhippedGreenGirl! I first heard of these cute green growers on Pinterest. Their name says it all “air plants”- plants that don’t need dirt. It’s genius, you get all the joys of a plant minus dirt and mess.

Air plants can be pretty small in size, for that reason you usually see them displayed in glass bowls or vases. You can get fancy and add in some moss, rocks (Pinterest has sweet display ideas, it’s worth the search)…

Air plants aren’t easy to find. I went to a specialty flower store to find mine. I paid $15 per plant or it was $20 for one (somehow I bamboozled the woman down to $15).

General care for air plants involves spritzing them every few days to make sure they don’t dry out (feel the tips to see if they’re dry or not to see if they need watering). I also fill a little bowl with water and put the butt end of the plant in it for about 20 minutes every 3 days or so (more often in winter months when it’s really dry). When you remove the plant from the water you can tell its had a drink, it feels smoother and moist- hmmm that sounds sexy. Make sure the plant is completely dry before returning it to its bowl- the florist warned me if not it could mold.

You can get real green-thumb’ish and fertilize them- I haven’t for months and my little guys are still growing strong though. But if you do decide to, you’ll make your air plants extra happy. Go for a WATER SOLUBLE fertilizer (try 1/4 of the recommended amount on the product for max once a month. I’m no pro but some fertilizers you can consider are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium.

Air plants don’t need full sun either. They’re great for bathrooms or rooms that don’t get much lighting (cause damn have I killed a plant or two this way).

If you have cool air plants ideas or care tips let me know!

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